Marketing Attribution for Podcasts

Determine and maximize the ROI on your audio and podcast advertising spend. Gain more transparent and actionable insight into your advertising performance including tracking the exact revenue advertising generates for you with verified audience reach, ad conversions, and detailed campaign metrics. No more guesswork as to where your revenue is coming from. Find what is working and what isn't, make adjustments and optimizations, and perfect your ad spend.

Backtracks is the turn-key audio and podcast measurement and attribution software solution for data-driven advertisers, brands, and agencies.

Podcast Advertising
+ Marketing Attribution

Determine podcast advertising ROI

Prove the value of podcasting advertising to your revenue across podcast advertising campaigns on any app, any host, and on any device with verified direct measurement by Backtracks. Access real-time data and reports to measure mid-campaign metrics and post-campaign success automatically by using Backtracks’ Marketing Attribution and revenue management tools.

We integrate with your ecommerce operations and online storefronts

Analyze the effectiveness of podcast ad campaigns and gain clarity into your podcast ad conversions by combining audio advertising data with actual product and revenue data of ecommerce storefronts with Backtracks.

Backtracks integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and provides the APIs and SDKs to support a seamless integration with any ecommerce checkout experience. Easily integrate with your platform and start getting the benefits of Backtracks right away.

Go Global. Multilingual and multi-currency support.

Backtracks supports multiple languages and currencies. If you or your clients have operations and content around the world, we’ve got you covered. Reaching listeners on a global scale will open up your opportunities and your ability to scale.

Superior data + experience

Works Everywhere
Backtracks Marketing Attribution solution works everywhere. Any host. Any app. Any device. No complicated integrations, no changing hosting providers, or adjustments necessary.
Verified Podcast Analytics
Get accurate and consistent measurement of listener traffic across podcasts and ad campaigns that’s verified by Backtracks. Would you want a publisher to grade their own homework?
Powerful Campaign Reporting
Know down to the postal code and time of day that your audio content and advertising are experienced. Get advanced campaign reports, media audits, and content verification powered by Backtracks. Actionable insights allow you to truly customize your advertising experience and make adjustments on the fly.
Fraud Detection and Elimination
Backtracks eliminates fraud, bot traffic, and only takes unique listeners into accounts (someone listening twice doesn’t count). This makes your data much more accurate and helps make your reports much clearer and more concise.

Privacy First

Backtracks Podcast Attribution does not track or profile ANY users. It’s that simple. We do not use PII which has its advantages for you. While you may know who your customers are, our attribution solution is designed in a way where we will never know any of your customer data. With our advanced AI, we match the right advertisers with the right podcasts. A running shoe company can find a fitness podcast easily and start advertising right away. This makes the advertising experience better for everyone and without privacy, GDPR, or CCPA issues.

Track Ad Conversions

Backtracks attribution tools allow you to track conversions with their real revenue and lead values. Know which campaigns, series, episodes, brands, categories, products and more are working well for your podcast ads and promotions. Plus Backtracks provides other metrics like what platforms listeners use, where they are located, and much more allows you to get actionable attribution data like never before.

With Backtracks technology, you’re able to more accurately track your conversions from ad to landing page to purchase. This more precise data allows you to optimize your advertising campaigns to an even finer degree, analyze what's working, and helps you efficiently run your campaigns at scale.

Clean and User-Friendly UI

Some platforms are cluttered, confusing, and frustrating to use. Backtracks has created a platform that makes it easy to view campaign performance across channels. You’ll find quick overviews, or you can do a deep dive to get into the minute details.

Our user interface makes it easy to consolidate audio advertising campaigns into a single dashboard, parse reports and review analytics. See actionable attribution metrics that allow you to find where you’re getting the most conversions and where you could be improving.

Understand the Consumer

With accurate podcast attribution data, you can better understand your consumers and their listening behaviors. Find where they like to listen, how they listen, what kind of advertising they like, and what they don’t. Our various metrics give you data you can actually use and that actually gives you a picture of what kind of consumer you’re marketing to.

Having the right metrics lets you customize the advertising experience based on listener preferences, zero in on them, and increase return on investment for sponsors and advertisers. With Backtracks, you won’t wonder what needs optimizing, you’ll be able to clearly see it and make the right decisions.

Scale Your Campaigns

Backtracks is the platform for podcast advertising and data at scale. We make sure the best ads and the best content find each other. We’re not the content publisher, we’re not a consumer listening app, and we’re not the advertiser. We add value for the listener, the advertisers, and publishers with our data and technology. Our goal is to help you and make it easier to know and grow your revenue through podcast advertising.

Brands, developers, and agencies can use Backtracks’ APIs and SDKs to programmatically interact with campaigns and run reports for campaigns that are large or small.