Audio & Podcast Analytics

Before Backtracks

Historically podcasters and advertisers could not tell if someone that downloaded a podcast actually played it. Data was not verified. Spreadsheets were mailed around with people adding zeros to the end of cells. It was the dark ages.

With Backtracks

Not only can Backtracks Audio & Podcast Analytics tell you if a download resulted in a play, we collect an extraordinary depth of audio and listener data. Track listener engagement like how long a listener listened, not just simple counts. Learn what's working and what's not in your podcast content and ads. Get an unfair advantage with the ultimate in podcast analytics. Data can be a beautiful thing.

Our Platform Works Anywhere.
Any Podcast.
Any Host. Any Device.

Backtracks Podcast Analytics works on any device, any host, and any podcast. Powered by the open source podcast analytics standard Open Podcast Analytics (OPA), our tools, SDKs, and APIs add advanced capabilities yet are simple and easy to use.

Podcast Advertising

Just like podcast analytics, podcast advertising has fallen behind other forms of marketing. Podcasts can provide a perfect platform for many companies to raise brand awareness and increase customer engagement, but only when you’re advertising on the right podcasts. With Backtracks, we can take the guesswork out of your podcast advertising campaign.

Podcast advertising with Backtracks is as simple as Find. Click. Buy.

Find. First, you can use our user-friendly searchable index to find the perfect podcast in your niche. We’ve analyzed over 25M episodes and 800k+ podcasts to develop easily searchable categories that allow you to find the right match for your ads.

Click. Once you’ve decided where you want your ad placed, simply click and set your parameters. Decide what dates you want to run your ad, your spend, and other criteria to perfect your ad campaigns.

Buy. Purchase your ads and watch as useful and actionable data from the Backtracks platform pours in, all in real-time.

Backtracks is able to provide all of this without invading the privacy of our users. We match our advertisers to the perfect publishers and content using advanced heuristics and AI.

Publisher Tools

Software and Knowledge for Audio & Podcasting Success

Backtracks creates tools for publishers to win in audio. From a chapter editor to an analytics pipeline, from a customizable player to a metrics and data hub, Backtracks analyzed the tools that audio & podcast publishers need to succeed then we created them. With your storytelling prowess and our measurement and monetization expertise, Backtracks' tools set you up for audio & podcasting success.


Verified and standardized podcast analytics
that works on any podcast


On-brand customizable audio player
that works on any device


Constantly updated rankings and featuring
the Backtracks
Searchable Index


Earn money from podcasts

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It takes deep technical know-how to modernize audio & podcasting. The Backtracks team is building a platform so listeners, publishers, and advertisers all win.