The ultimate in podcast metrics and analytics

Backtracks has developed an open source podcast analytics specification and technology that allows podcasters, advertisers, and apps to get unrivaled podcast analytics. Never has there been a more robust and feature-rich platform for you to get in-depth, actionable podcast analytics. Ready to find out more?


Get The Unique Listener Data Behind The Story

Historically podcasters and advertisers could not tell if someone that downloaded a podcast actually played it. Not only can Backtracks Podcast Analytics tell you if that download resulted in a play, we collect an extraordinary depth of audio and listener data. Learn what's working and what's not in your podcast content and ads. Get an unfair advantage with the best podcast analytics available. Data can be a beautiful thing.

Open Podcast Analytics (OPA)

Open Podcast Analytics (OPA)

The open source podcast analytics standard

Backtracks' Podcast Analytics is built on open source standards for podcast and audio analytics. Open Podcast Analytics (OPA) aims to be the rising tide that lifts all boats when it comes to podcast analytics and it was started right here at Backtracks.

Multi channel

Multi-Channel Audio Statistics

Get data across web, mobile, client, and server scenarios. Use a particular website player, have an RSS feed for your podcast, your own servers, a custom mobile app? Don't worry, we've got you covered and of course Backtracks Podcast Analytics works with the Backtracks Player.


Podcasting Measurement Data + Intelligence

Backtracks' intelligent podcast and audio analytics lets you search, slice, dice, and dig your way to a deeper understanding of your listeners and audio content.

With clear and concise reporting tools, you'll be able to parse through highly useful data that gives you a better, more holistic picture of your audience and how your podcast is performing. With access to data like this, you'll be able to turn your podcast into the best version of itself.

Big data

Big data, small payloads

Send less and get more when it comes to metadata in Backtracks. Instead of sending large data payloads, Backtracks allows you to send a placeholder for data that we then fill in and expand without any impact to your systems or users. Imagine a real-time big data mail merge for your media and analytics.

Podcast Listenership Is Growing

of the US population listens Spotify music monthly

of the US population listen to podcasts monthly

% of US population 12+ that have listened to a podcast in last month

Sources: Edison Research, et. al.

With numbers like these, it's easy to wonder why your piece of the pie is so small. With the help of an analytics software like Backtracks, you'll be able to capture more of this growing audience than ever.

Platform Features

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Real time

Real-time and Historical Data

Find out what's happening now or in the past in summary or unrelenting detail. No other podcast analytics platforms give you the in-depth podcast measurement data that Backtracks can.


Verified Metrics

We don't have an incentive to inflate numbers, use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and handle fraudulent data, and give you numbers you and audio advertisers can trust. Backtracks podcast metrics are IAB certified and compliant.


Actionable Insights

Explore, detect, and predict trends in audience behavior like increasing or decreasing listnership with our advanced trending capabilities. Look at stats on individual episodes, total number of downloads, growth metrics, unique listeners, and tons of other performance indicators. This lets you make the best strategic choices to keep your podcast moving forward.

Who Is Our Analytics Tool For?


Podcast Publishers

Podcast creators and content publishers will find tons of value in Backtracks analytics. You'll be able to see what your users like and what they don't about your show based on downloads and listens for individual episodes. That's just the tip of the iceberg. See how well sponsor's ads are doing on your podcast, unique perspectives about your audience, and much more.



Podcast advertisers and advertising networks can utilize the Backtracks platform to maximize their conversions and advertising ROI. Easily reach your target podcast through topical podcast marketing. By advertising according to a podcast's subject matter and niche, you'll reach people who actually care about your product or service.

Listening apps

Listening Apps & Aggregators

Podcast aggregators, podcatchers, and discovery platforms like iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, custom apps and more can benefit from the Backtracks platform as well. See where people listen to podcasts the most, how much time they spend listening, and other useful metrics to better tune your aggregator or app to user preferences.

Simple and Powerful System

Get all audio analytics data for apps even if that data is from native audio SDKs in iOS, SoundCloud players on web sites, other web players, ...

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Easy to install

You can integrate Backtracks Podcast Analytics into your website, mobile app, or serverside in just a few lines of code. Get started in minutes.


Say goodbye to complicated integrations. Get analytics for all your podcast or audio data regardless of how or where it is delivered. Easily parse through concise reports and metrics to understand everything about how your podcast is doing.


You fancy huh? Minimize payloads and data transfer, bulk processes, add schema-driven or schema-less extended data attributes and more. No more asking, "How do I know where to find the best analytics about my podcast?" Backtracks is the solution. Ready to start seeing what podcast analytics can really do? Request a demo and well get you set up and ready to go.