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Backtracks's advanced audio and podcast player is embeddable in WP Engine. Get the leading WP Engine podcast player. It's as easy as copy and paste.

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Intelligence for WP Engine

Data + intelligence for audio content in WP Engine

Backtracks' intelligent podcast and audio analytics lets you search, slice, dice, and dig your way to a deeper understanding of your listeners and audio content. We'll measure audio and podcast stats for you across platforms, apps, and more. Get an unfair advantage with the ultimate in podcast analytics. Data can be a beautiful thing.

Multi-Channel and Cross-Device


Get data across web, mobile, client, and server scenarios. Use a particular website player, have an RSS feed for your podcast, your own servers, a custom mobile app? Don't worry, we've got you covered and of course Backtracks Podcast Analytics works with the Backtracks Player.

Big Data

Big Data

Trying to figure out how you are going to measure podcast downloads and unbounce at scale? Building robust infrastructure that counts correctly and reliably is hard. We are built for scale and can process petabytes of podcast analytics data.


Backtracks lets you embed away on your own site and on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Medium, in apps, etc. Focus on your content while allowing your audience to consume and share content where you see fit.


Real-time Podcast Analytics

Get the world's most detailed and actionable set of podcast analytics built on Backtracks' open source OPA standard. Podcast publishers, listening apps, aggregators, ad networks, etc. can finally know, understand, and even predict their audience's listening and consumption behavior across native mobile apps, on the web, etc.


Beautiful Embeddable Player

Use Backtracks' beautiful customizable and responsive embeddable audio player. Our modern, fast, flexible, and feature-rich player is equally at home on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device and matches your branding.


Simple & Secure Hosting

Backtracks makes it easy to host media files with unlimited bandwidth and storage. It only takes a few minutes to get started with a new or existing podcast.


Global Media CDN

Backtracks has a globally distributed media specific cache and content delivery network optimized for podcasts and audio files. Files and audio are served from the fastest location for your users using the optimal format for their device or browser automatically.


Advanced API

Leverage our rich set of REST APIs and platform SDKs to integrate with and extend Backtracks into your existing and new systems and workflows. Built by developers for developers.


Built for Web Scale

Backtracks is built for big data and scale. Whether you're just getting started or have established properties with millions of listens, Backtracks' is ready for every stage of your evolution with a highly-available world-wide infrastructure and advanced features to like SSO, team permissions, and more.

Simple and powerful

Get all audio analytics data for apps even if that data is from native audio SDKs in iOS, Backtracks players on web sites, other web players, ...

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Easy to install

You can integrate Backtracks Player and Podcast Analytics into your website, mobile app, or serverside in just a few lines of code. Get started in minutes.


Say goodbye to complicated integrations. Get analytics for all your podcast or audio data regardless of how or where it is delivered.


You fancy huh? Minimize payloads and data transfer, bulk processes, add schema-driven or schema-less extended data attributes and more.

Integrate. Analyze. Optimize.

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