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Matt Alspaugh is a podcaster, writer, performer, and director living in Austin.  But he first spent 10 years learning, watching, teaching and doing all the comedies (improv, sketch, stand-up, childrens theater) that one spends their time doing in New York.  He realized the bridge that connects the heart and smarts of any joke in any media is CHARACTER.  And what better American institution has produced more memoriable, and forgettable, characters than SNL?  

This podcast is Matt's opportunity to entertain and educate the listener on the greatness of comedic characters through the lens of one SNL character per episode.  The catch? The guest always selects the character to do a deep dive on.  Where we go we never entirely know.  But the doorway we walk through is always that episode's feature character. 

It's not live, it's not New York, but it is SATURDAY NIGHT CHARACTERS!

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