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*7 minute conversations about finding the magic in the mundane*One story. One moment. What can it teach us? Join us in our 7 minute conversations about finding the magic in the mundane… and interpreting it. From the popular #mybeautifulstories comes a series of in-depth conversations with the aim to remind us of those meaningful moments which resonate deeply across our lives.This is a 7 minute-long podcast in three parts:1) A STORY: we first tell you a story which resonated with us. 2) BRIEF DISCUSSION: In the second part, we discuss the chemistry and philosophy behind it. Expect to hear about love, loss, courage, multiculturalism and all things in-between. 3) INSPIRATION: At the end of each episode, we offer suggestions for delving deeper in the subject of the episode and ultimately inspire you to live life purposefully. These can be a film, a piece of art or a meaningful good cause. Alex is a sociologist, blogger and charity manager who is on a mission to share what she learned from listening to numerous stories for her PhD research. Together with her husband Pawel, they discuss the brief moments of everyday life which bring us joy and resonate across our lives.Help us carry the conversation further. This is an interactive podcast, and each theme is further analysed on Alex’s Instagram account: @storisse.  If you like this podcast, please do review, subscribe and recommend, it helps us carry the inspiration further.

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