Podcast Syndication

Podcast Syndication Definition - What is Podcast Syndication

Podcast syndication is the manner in which a podcast show gets new podcast episodes to destinations. It helps to think of podcast syndication like television show syndication. Podcasts are in general on demand time-shifted audio broadcasts (though sometimes other formats like video exist). They are made available to their listeners online, and while some podcasts users download the podcast directly from a website, most users use an "aggregator" in order to retrieve all of the podcasts they follow as they become available. RSS feeds are a way of delivering content which is constantly changing, rather than manually updating a page that a user must then manually navigate to to see if there are changes. RSS feeds "push" changes automatically as they are made, such as uploading new episode of a podcast. RSS readers, podcatchers, and aggregators "listen" for these pushes and when they receive one, they update the user's content accordingly, in the case of podcasts, downloading the new episode.

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