Channel Definition - What is a Channel?

An audio channel is a term for the storage "location" for a particular track in a piece of audio. For example, in analog recording, you might record with a 4-tape recorder, which would provide you with four separate channels. In digital recording, software allows you to record in multiple channels. Recording in multiple channels allows for the individual adjustment, of different components of a piece of audio. For example, a band with guitar, bass, drums, and a vocalist, might record in four channels so that each instrument can be individually mixed and adjusted, before the channels are combined to create a single piece of music. "Channel" can also refer to the number of channels a piece of audio is played in, with stereo audio being "two channel" and surround sound being four, five, or more channels. However this is a colloquial use of the term and is not the standard definition for the word "channel"

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