Podcast Analytics.
Anywhere. Any Host.

Track your podcast analytics on any app, any host, and any device. Just copy and paste some basic code and we will route all your analytics through Backtracks Switchboard.

Backtracks Switchboard - Video

Customizable and Beautiful RSS Feeds Humans Can Actually Use

Control your brand with a podcast RSS feed that is customized to fit your style guidelines. No more lines of machine code. Just a beautiful feed that humans can use.

In-Depth Podcast Specific Analytics — Powered by OPA (Open Podcast Analytics)

Get advanced podcast analytics with integrated use of Backtracks’ OPA technology.

Don’t Lose Your Data — Change Hosting Providers Any Time

Get accurate and consistent analytics no matter how your audio is hosted. Change hosting providers for any reason, at any time, without losing your data.

In a Nutshell

Accurate & consistent

Change hosting providers
without losing data

Get number of RSS
subscribers across listening apps

RSS feed themes

Verified analytics

Fraud detection
and removal

Share access and data
with advertisers (Coming Soon)

and more