Player Embed. Customizable Podcast and Audio Player. On-Brand. Your Content. Your Way.
Embed. Anywhere.
Add audio or podcasts or your site in minutes. Backtracks’ player is easy to embed into a page or site. It’s fast and has powerful features that put you in the driver’s seat.
And it works...
on any device
Backtracks embeddable podcast player works across device types and screen sizes by default. The responsive player works out-of-the-box on devices with different screen sizes like desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.
on any browser
We test across modern browsers so you don’t have to. Don’t waste time checking that code and designs are bug free, we’ll take care of that for you. Backtracks’ embeddable audio player even works in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).
on any hosting provider
Host your own audio files? Backtracks’ player works no matter where your host your audio files.
The player works in any app or environment
on any app
The player works in fullscreen mode and can be included in your native web apps as well. It’s more than just an embeddable web-based podcast player. Leverage all the power and capabilities of the Backtracks embeddable audio player in your app.
on social
The Backtracks player embeds natively in Twitter, Reddit and in blogging platforms like Medium, Ghost, and WordPress.
for private & secure content
Need to offer private or secure audio content? Backtracks’ player can deliver secure and private content that is only available to authorized listeners.


Customizable Branding

Stay in control of your brand with an embeddable and white-labeled player that can be customized to fit your brand and style guidelines.

Social Sharing

Easy and streamlined sharing capabilities to promote content across social networks with your branding intact.


Compliment any audio content with an interactive time-synchronized written record of the conversation.

Increase search engine rankings and discoverability through Backtracks’ automated audio SEO. You get the SEO credit for your audio, we don’t.


Create interactive audio experiences that put your brand front and center.

Control the Player with an API

Use our advanced and modern JavaScript API to control the player programmatically. Want to have a “Choose Your Own Adventure” audio experience? You can do that. Change the speed, direct the listener, extend the audio analytics data, prevent skipping ahead, and more.

Highlight Sections of Audio

Highlight points of interests and segments of audio for your listeners. Visually indicate chapters, start times, and ranges for a convenient, powerful, and organized experiences.

Share Sections of Audio without Editing

Start the player at specific time or segment of audio. Allow your listeners to share links using your website URL (not ours) to your audio cued up inline in the player without re-editing content.

Toggle on/off

Backtracks’ feature-rich player provides simple to use advanced capabilities.

Speed controls
Buy links
Full screen
Apple AirPlay
And more
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