Podcast Tools for Publishers and Creators

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with the Backtracks Publisher Platform.

Backtracks Switchboard™ provides accurate and verified podcast analytics on any app, with any host, and on any device. Just copy and paste some simple code and we will route all your analytics through our system, in real-time so you can better track metrics like who is listening to your podcast and for how long.
Backtracks Data Hub™ allows you to search, filter, and report on real-time and historical data. Get all your metrics - no matter what platform they come from (Apple, Spotify, etc.) - with tools to collect, measure, and analyze podcast audience and engagement data.
Backtracks Player™ is an embeddable and beautifully designed podcast player. Use it as-is or customize it to fit your brand. It works on any device and has Backtracks Analytics ™ built-in.
Backtracks Charts™ and Backtracks Data Hub™ provide a robust dataset of podcast data on podcasts from every platform. It is constantly updating and growing with current data on over 26 million episodes and 800k+ shows. Uncover opportunities, learn the landscape, discover trends and keep ahead of the competition.
Backtracks Podcast Monetization™ provides the ability to earn money from your podcasts with advertising.
Stay tuned as Backtracks is always adding new tools to better know your audience and grow your revenue
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