How We Bill

Billing cycle

You are billed monthly or annually (depending on your selected billing period) for each account based on:

  1. the Backtracks products and/or services in your subscription,
  2. the plan you select (i.e., Hobby, Small Business, etc.), and
  3. the number of events that your account has recorded,
  4. etc.

These are examples of the pricing components that are used to calculate your bill. We bill you each billing period (e.g. month or year) in advance based on what your pricing components were on the last day of the prior period.

Metered and usage based services

There may be elective ad-hoc services that have metered charges based directly on your usage. Charges related to these ad-hoc products or services will be processed immediately or batched via an autobilled invoice.

Upgrades or Downgrades

If you change which Backtracks plan you use and upgrade to a plan that results in a higher billing amount, we will prorate the upgrade or wait until the end of the billing period to adjust billing amounts (at Backtracks' discretion) for monthly billing cycles. Downgrades in service or cancellation of a plan with an annual billing cycle will not receive a credit or a refund of any previously paid amounts.


If you change which Backtracks products or plans you use or increase or the exceed the limit of a pricing component utilized to calculate your bill (e.g. number of events), we may charge you overages. These charges will be based on how and when your pricing components changed over the course of the last billing period. Backtracks, at its discretion, may allow for a grace period of exceeding a particular limit before charging overages or upgrading plans to the plan that fulfills the pricing component exceeded for the lowest listed retail cost of the product or plan.