Backtracks for Buying Podcast Ads

Everything you need for podcast advertising. Backtracks' robust software allows you to find, click, and buy podcast ads with confidence and clarity. For the first time, you will be given the same in-depth, measurable metrics and tracking you get on Google Ads or Facebook but for podcasts. Podcast advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise and the amount of potential listeners are always increasing. Ready to start advertising with Backtracks?

Find. Click. Buy.


Use Backtracks Charts™ and Backtracks Data Hub™ to search through podcasts using our state-of-the-art explorable database. We have analyzed the people, products, places, and topics found within 15M+ episodes and 800k+ podcast shows and collated them into a searchable index and knowledge graph so you can find the perfect match for your ad to maximize reach to the right audience. Our platform makes it simple to find your niche and hone in on your top demographics.

Running a clothing or t-shirt company? Find the latest fashion podcasts to advertise your product. We match advertisers with the right podcasts to maximize the mutually beneficial relationship between the two.


Once you have identified the criteria to help place your ad, build a bespoke advertising campaign with a simple point-and-click, intuitive interface. Set criteria like the dates that your ads will run, how much you will spend and the associated reach of that spend, and even set geographic targeting. In short, you get clear and total transparency as to what kind of ad you're buying and how it will be run. It's that easy. Make adjustments on the fly as necessary. Make evergreen advertisements or throw a sale up when the time is right. It's up to you.


With Backtracks, there’s no complicated process to get your ads up and running. Simply deploy your campaign directly on the Backtracks platform and sit back with confidence knowing you will reach your target audience. Whether you advertise at a small or large scale, Backtracks’ OPA (Open Podcast Analytics) will provide you with real-time and transparent metrics while ensuring all your data is verified and standardized.

Optimize your advertisements with the actionable data we provide. With the ability to optimize and learn more about your audience you can maximize your ROI and reach your customers like never before. No more questioning if your podcast advertising strategy is pulling its weight. Backtracks makes it clear.

Targeted Podcasts Ads
+ Campaign Management

Place and track podcast advertising across shows and episodes on any app, any host, and on any device with verified metrics. With Backtracks, you’re not tied down to one way of doing things. Backtracks seamlessly integrates with your current advertising strategy, allowing you to harness the power of our advanced analytics and adding nothing but value to your ads. Podcast advertising has never been easier thanks to our robust platform.
Targeted Advertising
Target your ads to specific podcasts, topics, geographies, devices, and more. Backtracks gives you access to powerful capabilities. Reach the right audience every time.
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Verified Podcast Analytics
Get accurate and consistent measurement of traffic across podcasts that's verified by Backtracks. We provide you with the most actionable insights in the podcast industry while making sure all our metrics are IAB certified and compliant. Would you want a publisher to grade their own homework?
Fraud Detection and Elimination
Backtracks eliminates fraud, bot traffic, and only takes unique listeners into accounts (someone listening twice doesn't count). No inflated or inaccurate numbers here. This way you have an accurate and measurable conversion rate for your advertisements.

We’re Flexible.
Advertiser Provided or Publisher Read Ads

Provide your own audio or have a podcast read your ad copy verbatim or ad libbed. Providing your own audio is great for evergreen campaigns and to make sure your voice and brand stays completely consistent. Host or publisher-read advertisements add an organic feeling and are great for promotions or sales. Flexibility and versatility means you get increased ROI and an engaged audience. No matter where the content comes from we’ll help optimize your podcast advertising campaign and help you deploy your ads in the perfect place.

Privacy First

Backtracks Podcast Advertising does not track or profile ANY users. It’s that simple. We use anonymized heuristics and AI to match advertisers and publishers so that an ad for a local lumber store to a woodworking podcast can find one another. We believe you don’t have to be invasive to be effective. This methodology is a win-win-win for advertisers, content creators, and listeners alike. No privacy or GDPR issues here.

Podcast Marketing
at Scale.

Backtracks is the platform for podcast advertising and data at scale. We make sure the best ads and the best content find each other. We’re not the content publisher, we’re not a consumer listening app, and we’re not the advertiser. We add value for the listener, the advertisers, and publishers with our data and technology. Our platform is constantly improving and adding new features to benefit you. When you use Backtracks, you’ll see the full capabilities of podcast metrics and podcast advertising. Brands, developers, and agencies can use Backtracks’ APIs and SDKs to programmatically interact with campaigns and run reports for campaigns that are large or small.

Invite Only

Request an invitation to Backtracks Podcast Advertising
While Backtracks Podcast Advertising is in the initial roll-out phase, we’re inviting a limited number of advertisers, brands, and agencies to participate. If you’d like to request an invitation, please provide additional information and we’ll keep you updated.
Backtracks Podcast Advertising is in beta and is only available to a limited number of advertisers, agencies, and partners.
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