How to Advertise on Podcasts

Advertising on podcasts is one of the best ways to get your brand in front of new customers. People are listening to podcasts now more than ever, and the medium is only growing. If you have been wondering how to advertise on podcasts and start to gain new and eager customers, Backtracks can help.

Is Advertising on Podcasts Effective?

Advertising is most effective in popular mediums and podcasts have gained popularity for a few reasons. Since they are available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, they are accessible to almost anyone, anywhere.

Podcasts are on-demand entertainment. They cover just about any subject you can imagine. Listeners can almost always find a podcast that caters to their interests. That means that you can find ideal customers for your product or service, just by advertising on podcasts within your niche.

You may find podcast advertising to be particularly useful if your target market is a younger audience. Younger listeners tend to be online more than anywhere else, yet they are also somewhat immune to most advertising. Most will scroll right past an ad on social media without giving it much thought.

Podcasts are different, though. Users feel a connection with the host. If a host is recommending something, users are going to be a little more willing to listen. Users also understand that podcasts are funded through ads and look at them more favorably than in other media.

The numbers show this as well. Users often sit through podcast ads, tend to remember them, and even make purchases based on these ads.

When determining how to advertise on podcasts, several factors will affect your return on investment. First, you need to advertise on the right podcast. One of the most significant advantages podcast advertising has over traditional radio markets is that you have a much more specialized audience. You can get your ad in front of your ideal customers, making your chances of conversion much higher.

The type of ads you run is also important. The host will typically read the ad, so you want content that fits the show's style. If the show is serious, your content should be serious. If it's funny, your content should be funny.

Most ads are run at the beginning, middle, and end of a podcast. Ideally, you want the middle position. People are more likely to fast-forward at the beginning or end.

Lastly, you can often increase conversions by offering special offers for the podcast's listeners. If listeners feel like they're getting a deal just for them, they will be more likely to convert.

Advertising on Podcasts With Backtracks

Backtracks can help you to advertise on podcasts. We help podcasts and advertisers find one another so that both parties get the most from each other.

Unique Backtracks Platform Features

Backtracks is different from other companies in several ways. While other companies may tell you how many people have downloaded a podcast, Backtracks analytics tools can tell you much more valuable information. It's great to know how many downloads a podcast has, but what if you could learn more?

Backtracks analytics lets you see whether the podcast was actually played, and if the listener stopped before the end, you could see how long they listened. This data not only lets podcasters see what is working and what is not working, but it can be helpful for advertisers, too. As an advertiser, you can find the podcasts that are engaging listeners.

Backtracks can also give you information about the people who are listening to a specific podcast. You've already figured out who your brand is trying to target - Backtracks can help you find the podcasts they're listening to. While the company offers this information, they are also focused on user privacy.

Backtracks also has features like real-time and historical data so that you can see exactly what is happening with the listenership of a podcast. The program also makes trend predictions.

You can set the parameters for your search and decide what data you want to receive. This helps to minimize data payload.

Getting Started With Backtracks

Getting started with Backtracks is simple. You can contact the company, let them know you are an advertiser who would like the help of analytics to find the best podcasts for your brand, and increase your advertising return on investment. Backtracks will get back with you and set up a demo to see the program in action. Once you are ready, you can install Backtracks Podcast Analytics on a website, app, or server.

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If you are ready to learn more about how to advertise on podcasts, Backtracks can help. Backtracks helps you connect with the best podcasts for your brand so that you get the most out of your advertising budget. If you're ready to get serious about podcast advertising, sign up for a demo today.

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