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TLH031: When Youth Pastors Leave Too Often

TLH031: When Youth Pastors Leave Too Often

I don't think most Youth Pastors take a position thinking they will leave soon.  The reality is though that for many this is the case.  Many times Youth Pastors leave too often.  The damage left behind as a result can be devastating. In today's episode I interview on of my students and he shares what it is like to be on the receiving end when Youth Pastors leave too often. This is a great episode and is packed with really helpful insight and perspective. Links mentioned: How to make changes without getting fired How to kill the sacred cow Resources mentioned in this Podcast: Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung In this particular episode, you will learn: What students deal with when youth pastors come and go How to overcome apathy in students when you're new Important factors when transitioning in and out of new ministries Show Sponsor: - Grab a free 30 trial and free download of any of the 250,000+ books available on Audible HELP OTHER YOUTH PASTORS! If you're enjoying the podcast please take a few minutes to subscribe and write a review on iTunes.  It goes a long way in helping other Youth Pastors and Youth Workers find the podcast. You can do that right here! Support the Show

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