Life & Death Lessons

Life & Death Lessons

Grief is like a wave that knocks you off if you are not paying attention. It can be smooth but never linear, if you are present, take your time to heal and letting your pain feelings run through you. Learning this through my mom process of passing away (she stop eating, drinking water and cannot move or open her eyes anymore, as I'm publishing this episode, her kidneys have stop working...)  from alzheimer's and dementia at 55 years old. The youngest female to get this disease at a fast rate than anyone in this country, perhaps the world.  Life has a interesting way in showing us what really matters, to be present and not take your time for granted. Today episode is short and sweet recorded on the weekend from the lakeshore of west island area near Vaudreuil-dorion, Quebec. This episode is for those who are in the healing process of grieving a love one or lost someone during these times.  If you liked this episode make sure to subscribe to our podcast and to our monthly newsletter at writersyep.com. (new website is in progress! we had to pivot our entire business model because of covid-19. Stay tuned!). Follow us, @writersyep @angiem_ao and  @your_story_matters leave us what you think in the comments (let’s start real conversations) and share this with someone that needs to hear this today. ★ Support us on BookShop by reading :) and help other bookstores too! Currently reading : The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (almost done) New Book reading: The calling by Rha Goddess  You can view and read the journey : IG, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Thrive Global, HITRECORD, Medium  Get our new Cups, T-shirts & Hoodies store (Thank you for your support! <3)  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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