Yoga Teaching, Mentorship and Training with Nadya Booyse

Yoga Teaching, Mentorship and Training with Nadya Booyse

In Episode 15, Tarryn sits down with Nadya Booyse from Lunula Yoga Studio to discuss core concepts of finding your voice as a teacher. We look at topics such as yoga trainings/ immersions, mentorship and even comfort zones. Nadya shares her personal yoga story as well as her visions as being a yoga studio owner.Find out more about the studioEmail NadyaView Hanging Belts for Aerial YogaMusic produced by Dan Schultz / Vocals: Tarryn James________________________About Nadya:Nadya started yoga simply because she was drawn to it. She continued doing yoga because it became an obvious enabler of her personal transformation. "Yoga has had an enormous influence on my life, not the least of which has been finding my calling as a teacher but I will also remain forever a student. It is part of my calling as a teacher to continue to grow both for myself as well as for my students benefit."Nadya is fiercely dedicated to the well-being and growth of her students, always hoping that their yoga eventually follows them off their mat and into their lives, creating ripples of change as they move into the world.'As a teacher, this is my work: to share this practice, this experience, with you which will bring you to yourself just like it brought me to myself. Not everyone needs to be a yoga teacher, but everyone should be strong enough within themselves to follow their bliss. Yoga is the practice that can get you there. It won't absolve you of life, responsibility, or magically fix what you deem broken though. It will bring you to yourself in the best way. There will be work to do and it will be hard, but it will be worth it!'ABOUT LUNULA YOGA STUDIO:Lunula Yoga Studio officially opened its doors on the 9th of January 2017. The studio is positioned on the border between Midrand and Centurion, in the heart of Midstream Estates; ready to be the base of growth for surrounding students, teachers, as well as other studios."My intent in opening this studio is to provide a platform for teachers and students to learn and grow, to create a community and a support system for all students, teachers and studios in the area. We are working with great love and enthusiasm to provide a space that supports this intention." - Nadya Booyse (Studio owner and teacher.)"All yoga teachers need to remember that they remain students, just as all yoga students are essentially teachers as well. When teachers stagnate, so do their students."  

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