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Church Life

Sunday 9am 1 Thessalonians Dave Burnett Church Life The sermon preached by Dave Burnett, taking 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 as the text.\n\nOutline of the Bible passage and the sermon:\n\n1/ Respect for God's Leaders\na/ Respect them for their service (12-13a)\nb/ Live at peace with one another (13b)\n\n2/ Responsibilities towards God's people\na/ Admonish the unruly (14a)\nb/ Encourage the fainthearted (14b)\nc/ Help the weak (14c)\nd/ Be patient with everyone (14d)\n\n3/ Rejoicing in God's will\na/ Be joyful (16)\nb/ Be prayerful (17)\nc/ Be thankful (18)\n\n4/ Responding to God's Word (19-22)\na/ Do not quench the Spirit\nb/ Do examine a prophecy\n\n5/ Farewell greetings (23-28) - This recording is 21 Minutes long. (7 megabytes).

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