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#126 Jason Flom with Amanda Knox in Times of COVID

#126 Jason Flom with Amanda Knox in Times of COVID

As we move into our 2nd month since COVID 19 was declared a global pandemic, many of us have been isolating for just as long, if not longer. Jason Flom has been reaching out to some experts - our wrongfully convicted community - for advice on how to cope with the dark side of isolation. In the second interview of a new mini series from Wrongful Conviction Podcasts, Jason Flom speaks with Amanda Knox, a woman who was sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison for a crime she did not commit. Her full story can be heard in the premier episode of our 2nd season. Now, Amanda tells us about her concerns for all those isolating alone, including the currently incarcerated, and what she did to make the best use of her time, as well as to combat the absence of physical touch while in prison. Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom is a production of LAVA For Good™ Podcasts in association with Signal Co Co1. Learn more and get involved at

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