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Episode 27: David Stassen

Episode 27: David Stassen

Despite his stern and intimidating stare, David Stassen is a very pleasant man. And why not? He has a job writing for The Mindy Project - one of the best sit-coms currently airing on the TV box. Before that he used to bus tables at a sandwich shop in Chicago and would sleep in the booths when his mean boss wasn't around. I probably skipped a few things that happened in between but you can fill in the blanks. David sat down with me back in September when I was in Los Angeles for the Emmys, but I don't blame him for what happened. At least not to his face. We talked about our early influences, the excitement of being on set during tapings, and why you can't ever trust the tour guide at Universal Studios. Keep your eyes peeled for David and writing partner Ike Barinholtz's episode titled "Mindy Lahiri is a Racist" which airs sometime in November.

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