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Weekend Pop-in 1.7.2022 (1 Year Anniversary Special)

Weekend Pop-in 1.7.2022 (1 Year Anniversary Special)

Please Like and Subscribe so that my wife stops giving me so much GUFF about doing this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   On this episode of the Working Perspectives Podcast Weekend Pop-in the team celebrates 1 year of Working Perspectives glory. Old Uncle Matty, Strong Stem and Bern are joined by Jdub, Scriam, and Sausage Ocelous. The gang reviews last weeks episode featuring Dapper Dave Rascob. Matt shares the behind the scenes story of why John Derito Episode didn't air. Matt then hopes that John Derito episode will air next week. The gang then moves on to answer the question "what would you like to see from the Working Perspectives Podcast in the year 2022?". Finally we are left with some final thoughts and sent off into the sunset with a fond farewell and some words from Razor Ramon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   New Episodes Every Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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