Kit & Christine Christopherson

Work The Dirt

Episodes: 50


Stoked! Pt.8 IT’s ALIVVEEE!!!

Duration: 20 min

Stroked! Pt.7 The Swallow Club

Duration: 23 min

8/15 Stroked! Pt. 6 Van Ride

Duration: 23 min

Stroked! Pt. 5 Bruised up to date.

Duration: 23 min

Stroked! Pt. 4 Bacon Puree

Duration: 13 min

Stroked! *bonus episode* Paper & Potatoes

Duration: 11 min

Stroked Pt. 3. Smile! Getting your humor back.

Duration: 27 min

Stroked! What happens when you stroke out at 36.

Duration: 23 min

Work The Dirt (Trailer)

Duration: 1 min

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