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3 | Kate O'Neill Talks "Humanity"

3 | Kate O'Neill Talks "Humanity"

In today’s show, Phil interviews Kate O’Neill, speaker, author, an expert on better tech for business & people, & transformation.  What does humanity mean to Kate? What does “being human” mean? Is it our love and passion that makes us human? Is it our creativity? Or maybe our problem-solving skills? We kickstart today’s show by attempting to answer this rather convoluted question.  With the coronavirus outbreak bringing the whole world to a grinding halt, stresses are at an all-time high. And, fear and uncertainty are at the back of everyone’s mind.   None of us are at our best as we struggle to deal with the stresses of a work-from-home lifestyle. But how many of us remember this while dealing with our family members, colleagues, and clients? How many of us try to maintain an optimistic attitude so that we can be a source of strength to those around us?  Perhaps, displaying humanity has never been as important AND as challenging.   Because of the fallout of the current situation, Kate shares how businesses and professionals are gravitating towards a virtual marketplace/workplace at an unprecedented rate. And this has given rise to its own set of challenges.  First of all, is it really possible for us to create a digital world that exactly mirrors our physical world? Can we anticipate human needs using digital tools like Zoom and chatbots? Can we expect everyone in a virtual workplace to work with 100% honesty and accountability?  Next, Kate shares that this virtual work style will require a major mindset shift. Additionally, we speculate if this virus outbreak will cause a permanent shift in customer behavior.  Towards the end of the show, listeners will be reminded why it is important for each one of us to do our bit and fight this pandemic as a collective.  What You Will Learn In This Show  What does humanity truly mean?  How humanity is truly tested during challenging times  How to strive for a better future and work for a better future in these trying time  How to retain an optimistic outlook as you grapple with the fallout of the pandemic  And much more!  Resources Tech Humanist Creative Warriors Podcast Should a bot have to tell you it’s a bot? Kate’s Website Kate’s Twitter  To see more from Phil: Want to discover "Exactly" what to say:

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