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Episode 160 - Squidward Skellington!

Episode 160 - Squidward Skellington!

Sean and Bryan discuss Disney Illuminations at Disney Paris, the upcoming Disney Sing-A-Long, and some factual facts about The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse/Tarzan's Treehouse! We have a sponsor: Get Away Today! Use our referral link to get $10 off any 2+ night Southern California package, tickets included. www.getawaytoday.com?referrerid=7479 or use promo code mainstreet10 Donate to our Patreon! www.patreon.com/wordonthemainstreet Contact the hosts: Voicemail: 801.923.2455 Sean - sean.wotms@gmail.com Bryan - bryan.wotms@gmail.com

Duration: 57 min

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