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Why Covid-19 Is Not The Cause Of Divorces Right Now

Why Covid-19 Is Not The Cause Of Divorces Right Now

Ms. Montanile began practicing matrimonial law in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. Working in a prestigious boutique law firm she worked closely with clients to successfully achieve their desired goals and immediate needs. Upon moving back to her native home in New York and working at NBC between 1997-1999, Ms. Montanile decided in January of 2000 to open her own law practice and dedicate her legal career to helping women stuck in horrible situations – going through divorces – to effectively navigate the process of divorce and achieve independent financial success Ms. Montanile has helped hundreds of women throughout her 25-year career. To connect with Leslie go to www.AskLeslieTheLawyer.com  Would you like to share with our audience? Connect with us on Facebook Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire or visit our website www.WomenEntrepreneursExtraordinaire.com

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