Woman of Purpose

Woman of Purpose "Lets talk about our Body&Health

Woman of Purpose "Lets talk about our Body&Health

Woman of Purpose, I am so excited for today. Why? Cause today I am personally diving into a conversation with all of you. This time I am not having an, interview, but a  open conversation of what has been on my heart and where I want to go with Woman of Purpose.  I created Woman of Purpose to talk with you ladies (and all the handsome gentlemen out there that are listening) about PURPOSE. While I am discovering this journey of  see, feel and realize that purpose evolves and that in  walk out your purpose other things are necessary too. I believe that in order for us to walk out our purpose in strength it is vital and so important that we are also in line with our mental  and physical state.  These 3 things matter: Your spiritual life, Your mental health and your physical health. If these 2 things are out of balance, you are gonna have a difficult time to walk out your purpose in a proper way. So for this episode I want to dive into the conversation with you ladies and guys about our Body & Health. Food is so important to our mental state and physical health and today I want to know where you are in this state. Are you aware of the food that you put in your body? Listen to the message and share with me your thoughts and experiences on this topic. When you are ready listening, leave us a comment. Let us know what you think of this episode? And what next steps are you gonna take when it comes to eating healthy and health consciousness. You can rate us on any platform. And Feel free to share, to inspire someone else.  Love to hear from you, Nadira Jansen

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