Woman of Purpose

Woman of Purpose Interview Rachnilda Tjin - Kon -Fat

Woman of Purpose Interview Rachnilda Tjin - Kon -Fat

Woman of Purpose One of my first guests for the Woman of purpose talkshows was Purposelady Rachnilda Tjin-Kon-Fat. This was in 2017. I havent shared this interview on the podcast yet, so take a seat and enjoy this one! I am thankful that I had the beautiful privilege to sit and talk to this beautiful lady of faith and purpose. She is a creative artist, a beautiful masterpiece and the face behind Divine Image Arts. She loves, she listens and creates. She designs and makes divine pieces of artworks inspired by your personal life story, Gods love and faith. Every artwork is authentic and unique. A masterpiece like only her gifted hands can make. In this interview we will be talking about her creative journey of faith, talents, visions and purpose. Enjoy the video, subscribe, like it, share it and be inspired. You to carry gifts, talents and seeds of greatness within you. Seek after God's heart and you will find your purpose. If you want to find more about Rachnilda Tjin - Kon - Fat check out her website: http://www.divineimagearts.com Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divineimagea... Or follow her on Instagram: divine.image.arts Want to know more about: Visions, Thoughts, God given dreams, Talents, Gifts, Faith Journey and Divine Purposes join the group in Woman of Purpose on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?... VisionsThoughts&Dreams Nadira Jansen - NMJ

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