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Wrath of Man A Review w/Dan

Wrath of Man A Review w/Dan

Wrath of Man Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie made a quarantine movie. the film lacked an intimacy in a film filled with folks who have intimate relationships…there were lots of masks and lots of reasons for people in this film to wear masks and social distance in a film shot when the only people who could leave the house in Los Angeles were people on the movie industry…I guess I should say thank’s to all involved for keeping people employed…because of all of the on the fly rules the makers of the film seemed to do the very best they could do with what they have…it didn’t feel like a new movie, it reminded me of the 2007 Miami Vice, and 2003’s SWAT (Colin Ferrell was in both and Guy Ritchie directed neither). This is a Guy Ritchie movie, this feels like a Guy Ritchie movie …the shootings are great, there is an unnecessary sequence involving Satanic Pedophilic bad guys getting the Guy Ritchie treatment…Which is similar to the Quentin Tarentino treatment but with an accent…Spoiler Alert…There is the oddly satisfying shooting of Post Malone, I liked watching Posts get beats up in Spencer Confidential…I’m a fan of the sub genre of American cinema that is bad things happening to Post Malone… In a Deep Fake as Entertainment world I’d buy the Post Malone pack just see him get beat up for no reason…How much better is Taxi Driver with Post Malone as the character played by Harvey Keitel…The whole movie is so much better that way…

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