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Sharon Salzberg interviewed by Soren Gordhamer

Sharon Salzberg interviewed by Soren Gordhamer

What are the benefits and challenges as technology becomes the vehicle for practicing meditation? What is the role of apps in supporting mindfulness and when do we need to put down our phones and connect to ourselves and others? Soren speaks with Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Love, at the first annual Mindfulness in America Summit in New York to explore the role apps and other technologies have in creating a more aware and loving world. Topics and ideas covered in this episode: How we see mindfulness emerging in America How technology can wonderfully disseminate the voices of meditation teachers Emphasis on the “moment of coming back” How mindfulness allows us to look nakedly at our experience How our motivation to practice may change over time Turning our deep grief and perpetual outrage into action Partnership vs. Power dynamic Real love as awareness, where we place our attention   Follow Wisdom 2.0: Twitter @Wisdom2conf Facebook @wisdom2conference Website wisdom2conference.com Mindfulness in America 2018

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