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The Cancer Journey with Polly Noble

The Cancer Journey with Polly Noble

Polly Noble is an Holistic Health Coach and co-author of 'The Cancer Journey - Positive Steps to Help Your Health Heal', and she joins us to share her story of how she developed a positive mindset to learn the lessons of her own cancer diagnosis and what practical steps she took to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. With a myriad of different choices out there on 'how to be healthy' Polly distills the essence of her beliefs and experience to us in this interview and we delve into all kinds of issues that have arisen for Polly on this journey.   Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts is where Polly shares how she healed herself of Lymphodema (a side effect of her cancer treatment) by eating mega-healthily.  Her indomitable spirit shines through as she is clearly an extremely determined young woman who is inspiring others to recognise that they are powerful beyond their wildest dreams and can daily take small steps towards embracing their immense greatness.  

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