Andrea Howat & Sallie Gregory

"Wingin It: The West Wing Podcast" - Andrea Howat

Ever wish you had a friend with whom to watch

Ever wish you had a friend with whom to watch "The West Wing"? Someone to debrief each episode, share fan insights, highlight favorite quips, & revel in its general splendor? Or perhaps you're considering watching it for the first time but you'd like some company (or a geeked out guru guide). Now you have TWO such friends. Meet Andrea & Sallie, two friends who have wit, colorful commentary, and clearly too much time on their hands. Join them as they rewatch the series, episode-by-episode.

Episodes: 100


Episode 7.21 - "Tomorrow"

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

Episode 7.20 - "Institutional Memory"

Duration: 39 min

Episode 7.19 - "The Last Hurrah"

Duration: 26 min

Episode 7.18 - "Transition"

Duration: 27 min

Episode 7.17 - "Requiem"

Duration: 29 min

Episode 7.16 - "Election Day: Parts I + II"

Duration: 37 min

Episode 7.15 - "Welcome to Wherever You Are"

Duration: 29 min

Episode 7.14 - "Two Weeks Out"

Duration: 26 min

Episode 7.13 - "The Cold"

Duration: 29 min

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