Caroline Hull

003: Setting Meaningful Goals for Your Podcast

003: Setting Meaningful Goals for Your Podcast

It’s January which means your social media feed is probably slammed with people celebrating goals reached last year, new goals they have set and even people choosing their word for the year. But how do we apply goal setting to podcasting? The knee jerk reaction is to set goals around download numbers, but I want to challenge you to set goals that will propel your podcast forward in the long term. So on today’s episode, I’m breaking down how to set meaningful goals for your podcast. I’m talking about non-number goals that will create momentum and help you create a podcast that will last.  ResourcesLaunch Guide Services   Quotes from the Episode “You want your podcasting journey to be organic and natural.” “If you are not consistent, your listeners will not be consistent either.” “This podcast is a way for me to connect and get visible, not to chase downloads.”   Stay in the know! Head to and connect with me on Instagram @wildhomepodcasting. See you in the next episode!

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