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Ep. 35 Foreskin:Natures Fettuccini

Ep. 35 Foreskin:Natures Fettuccini

Opening~ Music (13:27)- We talk Drake, Madison Beer, Cardi B~ TV, Netflix, Movies and Boobies (26:36)~ Celebrity Gossip (47:45)- Meghan Markle and Oprah sit down for an interview, Jlo and Arod are supposedly splitting up, Sharon Osborne can't keep her mouth shut~ Britney Notification of The Week (58:50)~ Karjenner Kaboodle (01:04:48)~ Closing Entree (01:09:50) FOLLOW US ON IG: @whistlewhileyoutwerkpodcast~ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @WWYTPodcast~ EMAIL US:

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