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Shadow People: The Figures that Pass by your Eye

Shadow People: The Figures that Pass by your Eye

Shadow people: Are they real or a figment of our imagination? Tonight we visit with 3 guest speakers about their experiences with these dark beings and talk through their purpose and effects in the paranormal. Connecting with Jason Offutt author of the book Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us; a non-fiction interview of dozens of people with their experiences. Jason then takes time to discuss the scientific aspect of the Shadow People and how they are perceived. Talking with Natalia Kuna an Australian Psychic Medium that give us guidance on how to create a positive environment around us and work on keeping the dark entities away from us. You can connect with Natalia at Natalia Kuna Enjoy the episode and if you would like to share your story on the show please do not hesitate to contact us at 833-494-4773. Please take a moment and review us on iTunes, we appreciate all your support.

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