Two Tassie boys having a tongue in cheek Waffle about the world of Whisky

Episode 26 - Hellyers Road in the Bloodstream

Episode 26 - Hellyers Road in the Bloodstream

This episode contains: - The launch of our new Waffling With interview series! Featuring the voices of Hellyers Road's Mark Littler AND Chris Thomson from Lark. - We also announce our new Patreon launch. Support us at Also, the usual suspects: - The Waffle, where we discuss why and what our Patreon is; - The Whisky, where we review the Auchentoshan Three Wood; - Mystery Whisky, where a dram sent in by a listener stumps us both; and - Whisky Would You Rather, where we face, possibly the hardest Islay-themed question yet!

Duration: 57 min

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