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At The House Ep 2 - Who Are You? w/Dr Ayanna

At The House Ep 2 - Who Are You? w/Dr Ayanna

Welcome to episode 2 of At The House a partnership between While Black and You Had Me At Black! With all of this new time together how much are you learning (good or bad) about the people you hold most dear.  We are willing to bet that during COVID season you are learning a great deal.  So we are here to help you manage it! Dr Ayanna talks about shame, coping, boundaries, and so much more in order to help your relationships thrive! If you want to learn more about Dr Ayanna go check her out on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dr_ayanna_a/ or on her website at  https://www.ascensionbehavioralhealth.com/ Now make sure you go check out the podcast You Had Me At Black hit them on their social media pages at @youhadmeatblack Lastly we want YOU to be included in "AT The House" so if you have a great story to share then head over to http://www.youhadmeatblack.com/atthehouse   

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