Rosie & Kags

We're Coming Out

We're Coming Out

(CW: strong language and sexual content) We welcome you to our first episode, where we chat about coming to Edinburgh and coming to identify as queer! Follow us at our social media accounts here: Instagram: @whatsqueerhere Twitter: @WhatsQueerHere Also, check out our GoFundMe page at: We're very lucky to have a brilliant editor and an even better friend. His name's Ihsaan (he/him) and you can find him on Instagram @ehh_saan All songs used in this episode are by k-zod (she/her)!  k-zod is part of the Queer Arts Collective in Edinburgh, find them at: You can find k-zod's work at The next episode will be out in a fortnight, cheers! - K & R xx

Duration: 25 min

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