What's Happenin' Music

What's Happenin' Music Show Episode 3

What's Happenin' Music Show Episode 3

Welcome to the What's Happening Music Show. This our third episode. We discuss new discoveries we have made, play some great tunes and talk about what's going on in the music industry. In this episode we discuss our discoveries and the relationship between music and politics. We also have an interview with Scottish artist Rachel Jack. Music and artists featured on the show: Darren Black: Twitter - @DarrenBlackMuso Website - darrenblack.net World 5: Twitter - @World5music Website - www.world5music.com Rachel Jack: Twitter - @Rachellojack Website - www.racheljack.co.uk The Cole Patenaude Band: Website - www.colepatenaudeband.com Anatolian Lover: Twitter - @anatolian_lover Website - www.facebook.com/anatolianlover Nightblade: Twitter - @NightbladeRocks Website: nightblade.co.uk Jemima: Twitter - @jemimasong Website - www.jemimamusic.com Notorious Lightbulbs: Instagram - @the_notorious_lightbulbs Obi Franky: Twitter - @obi_franky Website - www.obi-franky.com

Duration: 1 hr 9 min

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