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What Retirement Means to You 7-18-20 (FULL SHOW)

What Retirement Means to You 7-18-20  (FULL SHOW)

 One thing we’re all wondering is how the results of the upcoming elections might affect our portfolio?  There’s a term that occasionally pops up in the financial media … “lifetime income.”  Market Watch cites a survey in which one-in-three people believe they can get lifetime income from a mutual fund.  And one-in-five think it comes from a target date fund.  Let’s try to clear this up:  First, is there really such a thing as lifetime income, or is that just some kind of marketing term?  And if there is, how does it work? When we think about taxes in retirement, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Uncle Sam.  But CNBC points out that we might also be seeing bigger tax bills from our state and local governments, as a result of this economic downturn. That means it’s more important than ever before to have a good tax strategy in place, right? A lot of us invest our retirement money in target date funds, because they seem simple and easy to understand.  But an article in Forbes says that’s not necessarily the best way to go.  What’s wrong with using a target date fund?  Tune into "What Retirement Means to You" Saturdays at 3p on KMOX! Jerry is ready for you to visit his office today! Taking proper cleaning precautions, cleaning after each guest, only one guest at a time in the office, with masks and social distancing, Jerry and his team are prepared to keep you safe while you plan for your retirement! Or, you can setup a phone call or virtual meeting today!  

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