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What Retirement Means to You 7-11-20 (FULL SHOW)

What Retirement Means to You 7-11-20 (FULL SHOW)

Jerry talks about creating paychecks for life, Jerry talks about how many things he has seen in his 20 years or experience, what it means to help people with retirement, and how you can prepare for that first meeting at his office. According to a Transamerica study, only 1 in 4 workers takes this essential step before leaving the workforce.  What is it?  Developing a written plan for retirement. The study warns that you’re “flying blind” if you don’t have one.  Is it really that critical and – if so – why?, Do you have to be a “math nerd genius” to win the game of retirement … or are there strategies that can help us non-geniuses do well? Tune into "What Retirement Means to You" Saturdays at 3p on KMOX! Jerry is ready for you to visit his office today! Taking proper cleaning precautions, cleaning after each guest, only one guest at a time in the office, with masks and social distancing, Jerry and his team are prepared to keep you safe while you plan for your retirement! Or, you can setup a phone call or virtual meeting today!  

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