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Hear how Jerry saved one couple $40,000 in Fees!

Hear how Jerry saved one couple $40,000 in Fees!

A lot of us invest our retirement money in target date funds, because they seem simple and easy to understand.  But an article in Forbes says that’s not necessarily the best way to go.  What’s wrong with using a target date fund? Think about all the fees we love to hate:  Checking account fees … airline baggage fees … vacation resort fees … one marketing genius even came up with something called a convenience fee!  But of all the different fees we have to pay, the Money Talks News website says the worst one, by far, is the retirement account fee. Hear how Jerry saved one couple $40,000 in fee's!    Jerry is ready for you to visit his office today! Taking proper cleaning precautions, cleaning after each guest, only one guest at a time in the office, with masks and social distancing, Jerry and his team are prepared to keep you safe while you plan for your retirement! Or, you can setup a phone call or virtual meeting today!        

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