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277 Christine Hassler: How To Access Your Inner Coach

277 Christine Hassler: How To Access Your Inner Coach

Our ego and inner coach are not the same. Our ego is always looking for control and a result but our inner coach is not. Our inner coach keeps us present by looking for being with what is, accepting what is, and finding out what we can learn from it." - Christine Hassler   ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in line for new podcasts, get access to invite-only events, and so much more.** ---> Get The Morning 21: A powerful (and free) system designed to give you more energy, let go of old weight, and live life well. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | *REVIEW   Sunlighten Saunas Click here to explore Sunlighten Saunas Use the code, WELLNESSFORCE, for free shipping on your order! What Does a Sunlighten Sauna Session Feel Like? A sauna session should be therapeutic and enjoyable, not unbearably hot. When you walk into a Sunlighten infrared sauna, you will feel a gentle heat that instantly takes you away from the daily stresses of life. When you walk out of a Sunlighten sauna, you will feel energized with a sense of excitement to conquer the rest of your day. If you can naturally deposit energy into your body to improve your quality of life, what could be better? Sunlighten is the addiction you can feel good about.   How To Access Your Inner Coach: Christine Hassler What exactly is your inner coach and how can you use it to stay present, accept what is, and enjoy the journey? On Wellness Force Radio episode 277, Master Coach for Primal Health Coach Institute, Author of Expectation Hangover, and Host of the Over It & On With It Podcast, Christine Hassler, returns to discuss how the inner coach differs from the ego, the power of surrender, and why tools like diets, applications, or products are keeping you from dealing with the real issues at hand. Tune in as Christine shares the biggest life lessons she has learned so far including why you shouldn't be afraid to reach out for help, you don't have to keep struggling to learn, and you're never done doing the inner work.   Expectation Hangover Get your copy of Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler here When our expectations are met and things go according to plan, we feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Risking little, we feel safe, in control, and on-track. But when life throws us a curveball or does not live up to our expectations, we end up with an Expectation Hangover. This particular brand of discomfort is profoundly sobering and uncomfortable. Christine Hassler urges us to not wallow in regret, self-recrimination, or anger, and instead see these hangovers as a catalyst for profound transformation. Often life has to throw us a curveball (or several) so that we look in a different direction. When we fully treat our Expectation Hangover on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level, we learn courage, faith, surrender, and love, and we make room for the kind of unexpected things that lead us more directly to a life we love—rather than a life we planned.   Listen To Episode 277 As Christine Hassler Uncovers: Her experience as the Master Coach for Primal Health Coach Institute and how she's helping other health coaches dive deep into their own personal life, relationships, and mission. The pros and cons of biohacking for better wellness. Her own wellness journey and the negative effects of Prozac on her physical, mental, and emotional health. The importance of focusing on both the emotional as well as physical sides of health when healing from depression. How humanity has evolved to a place where we can now dig deeper into consciousness and emotional intelligence. The expectation hangovers we all experience and her own experiences including having the fear of losing someone. The negative impact of being in a relationship in which you feel the need to rely on another person so intensely. The importance of looking back at ourselves and relying on ourselves to fulfill a need when we expect something from another person. How the inner coach helps us to accept what is, be present, and not look for a result vs. our ego trying to be in control of everything, keep us in our comfort zone, and find a result. The benefits of dating yourself and explore what you truly want in a relationship. Why there is power in surrendering, accepting, and going with the flow instead of relying on planning, knowing, and certainty. What tools she uses to make sure she's checking in with her emotions enough and she helps people with their own. Different body cues the body will give us when we need to pay attention to something within ourselves. What vulnerability really even means and why it's been so difficult in the past for men to express it up until now. How her truth has shifted from focusing on her inner work to understanding why we're all here in our human bodies.   Power Quotes From The Show "Whenever I'm looking for control or certainty, I know that's not really my inner coach and it's more of my ego trying to keep me in my comfort zone. Whenever I'm not really looking for a result but I'm willing to be present, accept what is, and work with it, that's my inner coach. So, the ego is always looking for a result but the inner coach is not. The inner coach is looking for being with what is, accepting what is, and finding out what you can learn from it." - Christine Hassler "If I hadn't dealt with the emotional at the same time as the physical, I think I'd still be struggling with so many things in my life like depression. Yes, getting off gluten was important and going on a Paleo diet definitely helped but I don't think that would've done it completely for me nor other people. Why at 11 years old was I keeping my feelings inside? Why was I depressed? You can change your diet, do light therapy, or take supplements but it's not going to take away the emotional pain. A physical change will help you feel a little better but if you really want to be optimized as a human being, you have to hit all of the levels." - Christine Hassler "In relationships, people can meet each others' needs but it's not everything. If we're outsourcing our needs or our happiness to anything outside of us, then we really don't have that access point to our full potential. We really have to be there for ourselves and make sure that our own needs are met as well." - Christine Hassler   Links From Today's Show Sunlighten Saunas Slenderella Paleo f(x) AMP #176 - The Wild Woman and The Wild Man with Christine Hassler | Aubrey Marcus Podcast Primal Health Coach Institute Slenderella Shawn Stevenson David Deida WFR 260 Stefanos Sifandos WFR 250 Dave Asprey WFR 206 Dan Pardi WFR 201 Micheal Gervais WFR 258 Boysen Hodgson WFR 132 Christine Hassler The Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler Over It & On With It Podcast Christine Hassler Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube   About Christine Hassler Christine Hassler is a former Hollywood agent and achievement addict turned best-selling author, speaker, and consultant known for helping companies and brands understand and connect with Gen Y. Recognized as a leading expert on generational diversity, Christine advises on how to bridge generational gaps in the workplace as well as attract, engage and retain today’s Gen Y consumers and employees. Some of her clients include Nike, Intuit, American Express, Coty, Hearst Publications, and Wells Fargo. As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She has also authored three books: Twenty-Something, Twenty-Everything, The Twenty Something Manifesto, and her latest bestseller: Expectation Hangover.    Join The #WellnessWarrior VIP Club **Click on the photo above to get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in line for new podcasts, get access to invite-only events, and so much more.**   More Top Episodes 226 Paul Chek: The Revolution Is Coming (3 Part Series) 131 Drew Manning: Emotional Fitness 129 Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies  183 Dr. Kyra Bobinet: Brain Science 196 Aubrey Marcus: Own The Day 103 Robb Wolf: Wired To Eat Best of The Best: The Top 10 Guests From over 200 Shows Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the #WellnessWarrior Community on Facebook Tweet us on Twitter: Send us a tweet Comment on the Facebook page

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