Abbey and Sarah

Episode 14 - The Pied Filler

Episode 14 - The Pied Filler

Back after a week off (apologies, we had hectic schedules!) we discuss S2E3 and S2E4 this week! Episode 3 TL;DR - we both really loved Episode 3, once Sarah remembers that far back. - We discuss the coin and our hopes for it's inclusion throughout season 2. - A tumblr gifset reveals the parallels throughout the show that Abbie is always trying to talk people down out of situations and we love her for it. - We're both a bit frightened of Reyes. - We learn some interesting back story on Momma Mills and a revelation causes a bit of a stirr for Jenny and Abbie, who's right? - To Holly or not to Holly, that is the questions. - We also deal with some listener feedback regarding Episode 3! Thanks for your comments everyone! Episode 4 - In Season 1, this would have been a solid episode, but coming off such a strong 3 opening episodes to this season, Ep 4 feels very much like filler. - To answer our question from Episode 3 recap, we can do without Holly thank you very much. - Although the story didn't really tickle our funny bone (sorry) we do have further proof that this show does not hold back when it comes to children in peril. - Abbey has a very interesting theory when it comes to Frank's ultimate fate.

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