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77. Jack Wood: "Everything I Do In Life Is Really Not By The Book"

77. Jack Wood: "Everything I Do In Life Is Really Not By The Book"

Jack Wood on just how nervous he was when he made his BBL debut for the Brisbane Heat! Getting a wicket first ball and getting abuse from the crowd.    He explains why he doesn't think too much of surfing, and why everything he does, he does weirdly.    Who does he have a bromance with from within the Brisbane Heat squad? How does his board-game prowess stack up against Sam Heazlett's?    Is it acceptable to be "that guy" that pulls out the guitar at parties?    Get in touch with us by sending your comments, stories and queries through at our website.    Powered by a Banana Smoothie from the Alchemy Cordial company. You can get your own beverage here and make sure you use our discount code WGTC10.    The We Got The Chocolates podcast is also supported by Manscaped. Go to http://manscaped.com/ and get 20% off + free shipping with the code: WGTC

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