Kayla Maloney

the real republicans of broadway & other news.

the real republicans of broadway & other news.

like a community production of newsies, the ladies are giving you the headlines! we didn’t block this is back with a special holiday mailbag! the ladies discuss broadway performances coming BACK for the macy’s thanksgiving day parade, NBC’s big broadway special, disney’s third family singalong, and why chad kimball is a moron and might’ve made it hot for other republicans of broadway. plus, opinions on the sexist man alive, annah might get to see the boston ballet after all, and kayla is forced to deal with the implications of sharkboy and lavagirl having sexual relations. we didn’t block this acknowledges that this is not a time of celebration for indigenous people, and resources, and organizations that directly support indigenous people and their communities will be reposted onto on wdbt’s social media accounts! annah, kayla and laura implore you to support and even donate if you can.

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