Kayla Maloney

fare thee well, evan hansen.

fare thee well, evan hansen.

AMY ADAMS [applause] this week, we're following up on some of the theatre news from last week! we're discussing which shows are eligible for the digital tony awards and the dear evan hansen movie casting takes a slightly redeeming turn. laura questions if the moulin rouge musical has rights, kayla discovers a new purpose in life in the form of a vintage phone, and apparently susannah wants to date the night stalker? plus, we take our very first in-depth look at a musical. our pick? shrek the musical. (aka a staple in sutton foster's resume)  this episode of we didn't block this is dedicated to chadwick boseman. a legend, an inspiration, and a king. rest in power.   and because kayla totally didn't forget to mention this at the end of the episode:  follow us on twitter: @didntblockthis, @scaryfemme, @susannahsoper, @laurawanberg.  and follow us on Instagram: @didntblockthis, @scary.femme, @susannahsoper, @laurawanberg.

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