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Deep Disagreement w/ Dan Schultz

Deep Disagreement w/ Dan Schultz

Joined by my father and special guest host Dan Schultz, Adam and Dan discuss the impact of classism on panhandling, genetically modified sheep and how to overcome deep disagreement. Enjoy!   -------------------------------------------------- Dan Schultz Donate --------------------------------------------------   Fed Up Bellevue Man Makes “He Can Get A Job” Sign, Stands Next To Panhandler [00:02:34 - 00:20:06]   Award-Winning Lamb Under Investigation For Performance-Enhancing Drugs [00:28:16 - 00:57:48]   There Is No Middle Ground For Deep Disagreements About Facts [00:57:48 - 01:16:25]   Water Cooler Talk | Episode 028   Cover artwork by Neil Kohney Subscribe to r/offbeat and r/nottheoinion for more news stories!

Duration: 1 hr 25 min

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