#LordGod #Governor of the #Nations Pt3 #Life Eternal

#LordGod #Governor of the #Nations Pt3 #Life Eternal

Life Eternal is up front and center on this week's Lord God, Governor of the nations. We find that this eternal life would be given to as many as the Father has given him. These are those who have believed, received, and pursued this eternal life and gift it brings as the power to become the Sons of God. You can never disconnect the Father and our Great God from his Son Jesus Christ. Just as you cannot remove the Father and his relationship to Abraham, and the patriarchs. We the Eternal God and his Governship of the nations is now in the hands of his Son Jesus, Yeshua, The Christ, Messiah of God. Go https://linktr.ee/warnradio more info. Listen to this Show now! Share this post!Life Eternal came through the #SonofGod, #Yeshua, Jesus Christ our #Lord. To Him, the Father gave power over all flesh. It is here he would give eternal life to as many as the #Father has given him. Eternal life here is defined as "they might know thee the only #trueGod, and #JesusChrist, whom thou has sent. [context John 17: 1-6]. Here we find this Eternal life connected as the #ChiefCornerStone. This corner stone secures the #foundationofGod, upon which we also find the #Prophets and #Apostles. #LifeEternalTo get the Books from the Watchman Dana G Smith go to his website http://www.DanaGlennSmith.com/shop

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