Warholy Talks Disneyland #5: Disneyland & Disney World

Warholy Talks Disneyland #5: Disneyland & Disney World

Originally Recorded on May 28th, 2020  (The original upload date was held back in respect for George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement) Ever have someone tell you why Disneyland is better than Disney World? Or Disney World is a far better experience than Disneyland? Why is there a need to compare both Kingdoms, when they're completely different/unique in their own way? In this episode, we discuss experiences, different attractions, and reasons why we love one park or the other! My guests on this episode are Lanchen Mihalic and Ashley Freeman, who have lived in Florida for a certain period of time, to which its no surprise they've experienced Disney World countless times! 

Duration: 1 hr 10 min

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