Thelma Christine Hernandez is the owner of Layered, a small veteran owned custom cake design business in Chula Vista, CA. and has been decorating and designing cakes for over 5 years.  Thelma served in the United States Navy.  After her honorable discharge, Thelma continued to serve the Navy as a Navy spouse for over 23 years to a recently retired Navy Commander and former commanding officer of a guided missile destroyer.  Thelma has a unique understanding of what it is to be a civilian and an active duty sailor, as well as the various ranks and structure within the Navy.  Thelma holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minor in Sociology from Old Dominion University, but prefers to create/design cakes and homeschool her and her husband's two (out of 3) youngest sons.  Thelma continues to serve our country's finest through her mentorship of Navy spouses and will continue to do so for many years to come. https://www.veteransreferringveterans.com/listings/layered/ https://www.instagram.com/yourlayeredcake/ https://www.facebook.com/yourlayeredcake

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